I know sometimes folks might just want to hear that one part of the mix. Or wish they had that section to play for their commute, workout, or bartending shift. So… I took my favorite cuts and blends from GCM and made a selection of “Loosies”. Enjoy!

Galactic Convertible Loosies by docdelay


Its been about 3 years since I made this mix for Burton‘s web site. They had been extremely generous sponsoring me with DJ bags and various clothes over the years, so when they asked for a mix for their web site, I gladly sent one over. For whatever reason, it was never used, and I completely forgot about it until I found it in an old hard drive. I remember doing it live, all with vinyl, in my old studio. I was definitely on a fast rap kick at the time, possibly influenced by Edan’s Mix. Anyways… Saved from obscurity:


I made these Marching Band versions of pop songs about 3 years ago,  gave them to DJ friends, and then completely forgot about them. When DJ Day asked me to send him a 320kpbs version of “Nasty Brass,” I realized people were still playing them. I never really gave them my full attention on the first run, so I thought it might be worthwhile to take them into the studio for a fidelity shine-up. So… if you’ve never heard them, feel free to download and share. If you have them, ditch the old files and replace them with these. The difference is HUGE.

Doc Delay – The Pep Rally by docdelay


I’ve been writing about, and remixing Kendra’s work for a while now, and have watched things bubble for my fellow pollution breather. Wax Poetics recently released a limited 7″ record to their subscribers with the legendary Syl Johnson on one side, and Kendra’s “Seaside” on the flip. If you were fortunate enough to attend Syl Johnson’s show at Southpaw last weekend, you may have been given one promotionally.

Kendra’s producer, Jeremy Page, played me his remix of Seaside a few weeks ago and I was completely floored. Yes, you recognize Pink Floyd. No, that’s not a sample. Everything was replayed top to bottom. Lucky for the world they have decided to share that remix for FREE.

Definitely one of the best things I’ve heard all year.


The mega-homie, Maker, asked me to give one of his new projects a rework and I greatfully accepted. Lucky for me, “Pitching Pennies” was one of my favorite tracks on the album. Be sure to check the rest of the remix project, and the original LP, “Owl.” Respect these dudes… They put in more work on the road and in the studio than any one out now.



The long-awaited part II to the acclaimed REM Sleep Psych mix is now SOLD OUT


October 2010.

A busy next couple of weeks, yall. I’m Starting off the weekend of Friday, the 15th with a short set of Disco/Modern on A Downtown Affair (WNYU). Then Saturday, the 16th I’ll be at Marvin in Washington DC.

The next week, Thursday the 21st, Matt Stackswell and I will be giving our new party, MANDUDE, a sophmore run at the Velvet Lounge in DC. All Hard Rock and Metal all night. Here’s a little Promo Mix.  Oct. 22nd I’ll be conducting business as usual at Saint Ex. Same deal over at Marvin again on the 23rd. Then, I’ll return home to New York for an all Rock Set @ Von. ….inhale.

Hope to see some old friends and meet some good people. Please yodel with any questions.

Oct 15 Jonny Paycheck & Doc Delay Live on WNYU
Oct 16 Marvin – Washington, DC
Oct 21 MAN DUDE @ Velvet Lounge – Washington DC
Oct 22 Saint Ex – Washington DC
Oct 23 Marvin – Washington DC
Oct 26 Von – New York City


Last week, I was manning the counter at GRNYC, and a familiar face walked through the door carrying a shoe box. This guy, I’ve seen around town a lot over the years, but have never been properly introduced. Turns out his name is Teddy Powell and he’s the drummer for The Jack Moves. He cracks open the box  to reveal a bunch of 45s inside. He asked if I’d be interested in buying a few for the shop, and I immediately went into jaded record store guy mode… “Maybe, maaan. I really need to check it out first.” Thinking I would deny him as I have every bushy-tailed kid that walks in peddling their private pressed platters of accordion folk and post-post-post punk.

To my surprise, the needle drops on “A Fool for You” and I hear a gorgeous soul ballad that is a hundred times more earnest, and charming that most of the new retro-soul acts coming out of Brooklyn and LA. The flip, “Lets Kiss in the Dark” is a little less sultry, but just as real. Vibes and organ give it more of a lounge feel. Like a Shuggie Otis meets Marvin Gaye kind of thing. I quickly bought 12 copies, and a week later I’m left with only 2. Every time I play it in the shop, someone leaves with a copy which speaks volumes considering our picky clientelle.

This 45 comes with my highest recommendations. New Yorkers can come buy them at Good Records, I’m putting in a new order right now. Check these dudes out, and ask your local record shop to put in an order.


Thursday, August 26th – Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

I’ll be returning to DJ Day‘s weekly night, ¡Reunión! at the Ace Hotel in Palm Spings. I’m bringing soul & funk 45s this time to avoid having to scratch after one of the best. Should be a fun night. All I can think about right now are the michaladas by the pool. A little birdy also tells me that the San Fransican representatives DJ Stef, and Serge from Beer & Rap will be in the structure.

Friday, September 3rd – The Good Foot, Portland

The homee DJ Magneto managed to squeeze me in at The Good Foot the next week in Portland, OR.  This will be their 10th anniversary of this Funk/Soul Oregon staple. Excited as always to see my brother from another, Mr. Jeigh.


For months now I’ve been getting impatient messages from fans of the first REM mix asking when a hard copy of part II would be available. My initial plan for manufacture fell through, and the project was put on perpetual hold for almost a year. One of those emails was from a founding member of France’s Six Ton Armor. They have been working tirelessly on a great series of podcasts from various djs around the globe. Now they are cutting their teeth in the dark world of hard copy media by releasing this beautiful package for the mix:

Limited to 300 copies, each hand silk screened and packaged, they should be available early November. Check back for updates.