Back in April, I finished, and released the third installment in my Galactic Music series of mixes on An artist cooperative started and run by the bull, Thes. The boost in web-presence brought the mix to a new group of people who weren’t familiar with the older two. Probably a little weirder than what they expected, but hopefully something that will encourage them to expand their boundaries of what’s hip hop.

The first couple mixes met with great fanfare, so I felt I needed to really make this one a step up in all directions. I spent a year meticulously amassing source material and slowly pieced the mix together using pro-tools. Working in key, with full fidelity intact was truly the most important concern in these arrangements. Too many mixes I’ve heard lately, my own included, have a rushed feel and transitions based solely in percussion. I wanted the finished product to sound like each element could not be separated from the family of music to which it was grouped. Every song should benefit from the one before it, after it, and over it. The genre of the songs need not matter–simply their sounds together.

It took me over a year of toil and restraint. Working all night sometimes only to completely remove the whole section the following day. I don’t know if it was exhaustion, or actual completion but eventually I called it quits and was left with this:

You can download a 320kpbs version of the mix for free HERE

In the next couple weeks I plan to upload some of the source tracks and “Loosie” blends from the mix. stay tuned…


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  1. Tom Symmons says:

    Thanks for another great mix. I have bought/downloaded all your mixes. Quality. Hope there’s an Rem Sleep III some time soon. Here’s another well crafted mix you might dig:

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