This Summer is fixing to be a big one! I’m finishing up the 7-song ‘American Style Cardboard’ EP with the extremely talented, Godforbid on vocals. This is my first time releasing an album of original music with a vocalist and I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished. We should have it available on vinyl and digital by late August.

Also in the works is the third installment of the Galactic Music summer mix series. The first two, ‘Galactic Hot Tub Music,’ and ‘Galactic Convertible Music,’ were released as free downloads online. The new one, ‘Galactic Gazebo Music’ will be available to preview on the web radio at piecelock70, and as a package with a custom flash drive containing high quality versions of all three mixes, and a T-Shirt.

As you can probably see, I have also redesigned the site, and plan to keep it chock-full of interesting music all summer. If you haven’t yet, please add to your RSS feed to stay up with new developments. Thanks for checking in, people.


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