This Senegalese monster came from the homie Neal Beckton at SOM Records after he found dead-stock in a old Washington DC distribution warehouse. I have access to hundreds of West African rarities, but take home VERY few. As en vogue as a lot of the Nigerian and Ghanaian funk and psych records are, I greatly prefer their American counterparts. Géédy Dayaan, however, is a very unique listen. Heavy synth melodies, and haunting vocals abound. I can’t think of any record I own that sounds like this, so I thought I’d share. Enjoy.

Super Jamano De Dakar – Géédy Dayaan


4 Responses to Super Jamano De Dakar – Géédy Dayaan

  1. acid k says:

    yeah!!! thanks a lot….

  2. ketan says:

    Great stuff – thank you.

  3. keckolito says:

    whoa, thanks for this one!

  4. christopher says:

    just found this record today in nouakchott. no turntable with me, so thanks for the listen.


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