Jim Sullivan – Self-Titled

I finally came by a copy of this last week and it’s been on headphone rotation ever since. Definitely the kind of record that will make your day better. Apparently this record was originally released privately sans the string arrangements and Axelrod-esque  drums by the late Earl Palmer. I say “apparently” because I have yet to hear the private press version, but I think the extra arrangement really adds to this album, as opposed to most second-chance folk that loses it’s folkiness when a major steps in. Unfortunately “Rosey,” one of my favorite tracks on here, and one that hip hop fans may recognize as a sample on Masta Ace’s ‘Slaughtahouse‘, suffers from a loud pressing defect. Good thing it was released as a 7 inch single. Hopefully I can find one in the field.


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  1. haterbrigaden says:

    wow, this is great.. thanks!

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