These days there are many exciting ways to travel… Some people shit out a new mix weekly while others wait, sitting on the magic like a penguin on an egg, keeping it warm until it’s special and heavy. We proudly present an example of the latter – veteran Dj/producer Doc Delay’s third installment in the Galactic mix series, the brand new Galactic Gazebo Music. As with the previous mixes in this series, Galactic Gazebo Music goes beyond the experience of a mix, instead scooping you up and taking you on a trip – one filled with impeccable mixing and selections that are layered to perfection.

“Delay is a dj’s dj, and his mixes are in every way brought together with presentation in mind as well as replay value. The blends are first rate, the samples and effects are never superfluous, and as always, the track selection is tirelessly thought over.” -Hydra Magazine


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