“We are truly proud to present Doc’s sophomore release on the label, “Rule of Thumb.” This release is a bit of an excursion for the label and covers a lot of ground. “Rule ofThumb pt. 1 & 2” will pack dance floors of all types, and hype up BBoy cyphers alike. It is a walk through dozens of breaks and beats as they mingle with an exciting Latin melody and even delve into the world of Bounce music for a moment. David Castillo, of Chicago, steps in with his version of “Rule of Thumb.” This one is a bit darker, but will melt faces just as the original. “Filth” is a grimey, half-time, electronic number, that meets somewhere between Lil Jon and Jimi Hendrix. To wrap things up, Delay sneaks in a hidden track that is unmarked on the record. He remixes Nas and Az’s “Life’s a Bitch” in a way that sticks to the songs original ‘94 era. Complete with his own cuts, Delay fully reinvigorates this classic.”



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