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  1. docdelay says:

    “Mash-up. Yeah, it’s a dirty word to some, and kind of has drawn some battle lines in some corners. You might remember years ago when Evolution Control Committee put out those Public Enemy/Herb Alpert and Dan Rather/ACDC hybrids, people were going crazy (especially in FMU’s circle) but in the last few years apart from a few neat compilations and odd tracks found online, the whole scene got somewhat pointless and tedious to filter through when some people decided that, say, the Stone Roses and Suede needed to coexist in a song together. Without a doubt, there’s something that tweaks the brain in a good way when two disparate, conceptually different things clash and make some kind of third element that tickles the lobes. Hell, that’s the impetus of what freeform exists for in many ways. But I haven’t really paid attention to many of these discs that have come in for a long time to be honest. But Dr. Delay! Psych-rock Crunk! Don’t you want to hear it? Of course you do! First of all, everyone knows most of the best breaks and samples come from psych records, but to hear New Hope’s floating Christian spiel on “God of All of Us” with Trick Daddy yammering over it all, well, you’re opening a new box of dementia. Like those Evolution Control Committee singles you get plenty of buzz from the odd contrasts, though admittedly the concept is pretty locked into one mode. But there’s some pretty creative juxtapositions that make for a great mix CD to jam out to driving. Li’l Scrappy vs. Paul Revere the Raiders, Trillville on top of the flowery sounds of 70’s Turkish psych outfit 3HurEl (hear in Real Audio), Triple 6 Mafia vs. the Seeds. There’s some filler for sure and the whole thing goes on a bit too long, but I think it’s the party mix of the year by a long shot.”

    -WFMU’s ‘Beware of the Blog’

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